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Thinking ahead 5-10 years to when Gina Rinehart finally sacks a few Fairfax executives, rips up the charter, and installs a sympathetic board, it’s not too hard to imagine the front page of the SMH for that day. I should point out here that I occasionally work worked for Gina Fairfax Media… 

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The Sydney Mining Herald – Click for bigger picture

(Additional jokes from Scott Mitchell)

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  • Robert King
    Robert King
    5:51 AM - 7 February, 2012

    Gina Rinehart is like “Jabba the Hutt” in drag.

    Seriously though, the Aussie media is messed up enough without her unwanted control

  • Miranda Muer
    Miranda Muer
    8:30 AM - 7 February, 2012

    Why are so many men so afraid of women with power. Afraid of emasculation???? Statistics show that when women are in control of a company, a situation, or even just a picnic everyone ends up happier and more satisfied than if men were in charge. Go Gina. Show ’em how it’s really done. Australian (male) Politicians are probably working out how to make it illegal for women to own their own business and stop women driving cars.

  • pw
    5:04 PM - 7 February, 2012

    Oh Miranda. That was divine.

  • Rococo Liberal
    Rococo Liberal
    6:06 PM - 7 February, 2012

    Meanwhile Graeme Woods lefty organ is given a pass, even nthough it is full of the stupid sort of bilge that only half-educated fairfax and ABC ‘journalists’ can produce.

  • Peter O’Hara
    Peter O’Hara
    6:26 PM - 7 February, 2012

    This is great work, but I’m not sure whether all the typos are intended, as a demo of slipping sub-editing standards to come under Gina’s reign: guaranteed, deadly, mogul, immigration, etc.

  • Petr Chechin
    Petr Chechin
    6:40 PM - 7 February, 2012

    Yes, Miranda; that’s the issue here. It’s completely the fact that she’s a woman, and not the fact that she holds extreme right wing views and is attempting to buy up media outlets to further her own interests. Please feel free to continue trying to make this into a completely different issue.

  • Shayne O
    Shayne O
    7:04 PM - 7 February, 2012

    Miranda, its got nothing to do with Ginas gender. Andrew Forest is just as big a worry (although admittedly he hasn’t proposed the use of nuclear weapons in mining and dredging yet), and those of us anxious about Gina are frankly even more anxious about Rupert Murdoch.

    The reality is Murdoch owns 70% of national newspapers, and is a far-right activist.

    Gina, wants to pick the fairfax papers which would then bring the number of australian newspapers run by far-right activists to 90%. The remaining newspaper, the west australian, and whilst a generally honest newspaper goes totally bonkers-right wing around election times.

    We’re talking people here who have views that would make your cranky catholic grandfather seem positively leftist by comparison.

    But the end result is that we will have almost no newspapers devoted to actualy just relaying news.

    Thats incredibly harmful for our already fragile democracy, and its something people should be deeply concerned about.

    Gina has explicitely said she wants to run a newspaper chain so she can control the country. We’re not infering this, she actually came right out and said it. That should cause serious alarm for most people.

  • dan
    8:05 PM - 7 February, 2012

    Urghh.. Typo’s not my strong poing….I shoudl point out that I time to tmie work for Friafax

  • Paul
    9:39 AM - 8 February, 2012

    And what of our newspaper here in Melbourne? The Middle Age? Or The Dark Age, perhaps? That is where this woman wants to take us back to!

  • Mad Mike the wannabee Marketing Mogul
    Mad Mike the wannabee Marketing Mogul
    12:06 AM - 9 February, 2012

    Xenox News is Australia’s only fair dinkum newspaper. Been reading it for years.

  • elbl
    1:26 AM - 9 February, 2012

    Perfect, exept Fairfax style for headlines is single quotation marks.

  • Stef
    7:08 AM - 9 February, 2012

    Obviously I’m not a fan of her buying a giant share of Fairfax but can we really say that looks that different to how it is now?

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  • Jane of Perth
    Jane of Perth
    12:59 AM - 10 February, 2012

    The Sydney Mining Herald…funny, sad and horribly true.

    Shayne O – re The West Australian – it is totally bonkers-right wing _all_ the time.
    No sport for Gina here!

  • johnny
    10:56 PM - 14 February, 2012

    Miranda, that’s ridiculous. How did you reach a computer anyway….? your chain’s obviously too long.

  • groochen
    8:04 AM - 19 June, 2012

    Stef – precisely my initial thoughts :)

  • Georgia Lewis
    Georgia Lewis
    6:38 AM - 21 June, 2012

    No, Miranda, this has precisely nothing to do with Gina’s gender. If she was a man, she still would have inherited the family billions and would still be in the same position to wreak havoc. It could be argued that we have reached true equality because an equally megalomaniacal woman can try to wield way too much power, Rupert Murdoch-style.

    But it’s not about gender at all. Or Gina’s weight or appearance. Let’s not make it about any of those things and make it about what it is – an attempt to compromise editorial independence and objective journalism. I know, I know, it’s not as “hilarious” as saying Gina needs three seats on the board to fit her arse, but this is about something far more serious than lame fat chick jokes.

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  • Emily
    1:53 AM - 25 June, 2012

    This mock-up made me laugh (and, you know, almost shed a little tear) as it zoomed across Twitter and Facebook last week. You predicted years… But, it was only months… It gets a mention here: http://sayitonsunday.com/2012/06/24/pear-shaped-pancakes/

  • George
    10:51 PM - 9 February, 2014

    Good call Miranda (although I would most definitely like to check out those stats). I mean, the list of awesome female leaders….Maggie T….Bronwyn Bishop…Sarah Palin….I mean, it just goes on and on. The happiness, the success, the picnics!

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