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Over the last three years, myself and a motley crew of comedians have created a powerhouse brand of satirical comedy. It started off as a pub show in Kings Cross; where it quickly went from being a podcast, to Sydney radio program, to a national radio program, to selling out the opera house, to raising crowd funding $50000 for a three month digital video season, to forming a partnership with the Guardian Australia, and broadcast segments on SBS.

It’s been a real joy to created and work on. Giving new and brilliant talent a platform and a voice had been the most rewarding part.

A Rational Fear will now fallow for a few months until it returns in 2015.

Here are some great moments:


A Rational Fear Pozible Report Back Video

Kids at a music festival solve big problems

Make it racist.

You’ll Fracking Love it.

A Rational Fear Live #17

Blokes Questions

laws that don’t apply to Beragaroo:

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That’s a wrap for A Rational Fear (for now)