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Is this guy the world’s biggest Glasshole?


One of the biggest tech evangelists of our day, Rambotia Jones, came to Australia this month to talk at the Festival Of Dangerous Ideas, in the foyer.
I managed to have a high enough Klout score to be able get an interview with him for The Feed on SBS2

Below are a couple of out takes that didn’t quite make it into the full story.



By dan

Afghanistan War to turn profit by 2018

After American Government Officials announced that $1 trillion dollars worth of minerals were discovered in Afghanistan, General Patraeus proudly announced that the war in Afghanistan will not only break even, but will make a modest profit. Whilst rubbing his thumb back and forth over his middle and index finger Patraeus said “I don’t want to say I told you so, but ca-ching ca-ching”

Patraeus made the announcement at the Wired Disruptive By Design Conference in New York. “It’s the new Economy. You gotta spend money to make money. It’s all about perspective, we don’t see our fallen soldiers as “Killed In Action”, we see them as “Loss Leaders””

While seeing potential in the report’s outcome Defence Secretary Robert Gates, was a little more pragmatic comparing the war to an internet start-up “first we burn through a whole pile of cash, push  our young graduate workforce to death, build up an invested userbase, ride that long tail, and now that we’ve got a business model we hope that Google will buy us out.. Facebook have been in touch but we have problems with their privacy policy”

It’s not just American’s who are buoyed by the latest report, local Afghani’s too are seeing the positives “This has come at a good time for me.. I’ve been getting a little bored with our war.”said Afghani president Harmid Kazai “I’m just so glad I got in on the ground floor, I can’t wait to cash in my options and become an Angel investor… Somalia, Iran, Detroit.. that’s where the smart money’s heading”.

For Patraeus mining the country will also serve a dual purpose. “One of the main problems in finding Osama Bin Laden has been that he’s just so good at hiding in those mountain ranges… remove the mountains, remove Osama… easy.”

Is this guy the world’s biggest Glasshole?