By dan

How to call in Sick… (Entertainment meets content)

Last month I was dropped into one of my favourite places on earth, and was forced to have 4 days of fun, in a professional context.

Destination Queenstown and One Green Bean got me on board to front and co write their “How to call in sick.” campaign.

The piece turned out great, and engagement so far is extraordinary. Being pushed through mainly social media channels, “How to call in sick” is a great example of how to make great entertaining content that sells home a message.

This was the ideal job.

Trusting client, collaborative director, tight production. When those elements all fall into place that’s when the best work is done. The trick in jobs like this is for everyone to be on board to give license to each other to do what they do well.

I had a great time…. Hope you like the piece.


Creative – OGB
Executive Creative Director – Kat Thomas
Director: Josh Whiteman
Producer: Alistair Ferrier -Octogon
Producer: Jessica Silver
Production Company: Two Bearded Men
Post Production: The Gingerbread Man