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Today was my first US network television appearance, (I was shown in the audience of the Colbert Report once but cable doesn’t count.)

It was Australia Day today on the CBS Early Morning Show (six months late) because Tourism Australia’s Regional General Manager, Daryl Hudson, was
interviewed on “What’s New Down Under”. To help the cause Tourism Australia sent out email1311s to expats and Australian businesses around town, encouraging them to come down to the CBS Plaza and show their love for Australia. The email1311 explicitly stated “Signs Encouraged”.

I know a bit about how Brand Australia works, so after workshopping some ideas online, I grabbed my poster board and coloured markers and made some signs of my own. Then this morning I woke at 6am and headed across town to CBS Plaza, where I met up with fellow Melbourne comedian, and professional sign holder Kelly Fastuca.

Many Australian businesses were representing, including various state level tourism teams and  QANTAS who must have had trouble finding a flying Kangaroo suit and opted for a man in a Koala suit instead. All part of their “any marsupial will do” approach to branding.

As the hour ticked over we managed to get on nearly every weather break. Below are the results of “Operation: American Bonehead”.

SIGN #1&#2:

SIGN #2&#3:

SIGN #5:


See the video news story about Jeff Schroeder here. The sign comes in around 1:30

Thanks to Brad Blanks for recording the show for me on his DVR

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By dan


NEW ORLEANS — BP acknowledges it posted an altered photo on its website exaggerating the amount of activity in its command centre. “It’s a shame we got caught out this time, those photos made us look cool, like NCIS” says Donna Lawrence, BP’s vice president of Photoshop. BP was caught out when a blogger noticed some inconsistencies in the photo published on the oil giant’s website “Well at first I was like, whoa, former president Ged Bartlett, Mr T, Captain Sullenberger, AND Chuck Norris.  They are really pulling out all the stops.” Says Darren Philips who runs OilFreedomWatch.com “But then I thought. Hang on, if Chuck Norris is there, who’s protecting Texas? and that’s when I noticed the second Mr. T…. Rookie mistake”

When asked if BP would discipline the photoshop artist in question Lawrence was more defensive “Ana is an incredibly talented graphic designer, she can put a picture of you in Times Square, or put your name in 3D letters, and besides when you come personally recommend from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad you’re entitled to a second chance”

The company refused to say just how many photographs posted on their website have been digitally altered.