By dan

What I’ve learned about publishing internet video while at AJ+ so far…

I’ve been at my gig at AJ+ English for about three months, and I’ve had the opportunity to run at some great stories. Making video for a digital audience is slightly different than if I were crafting comedy for TV. I’ve learned a few things.

  • Start with your biggest laugh first. Generally in TV you gradually build up to your biggest laugh in order to get out to the studio with a fuzzy feeling, or create a sense of narrative over a long period of time. However with online it doesn’t matter. You want your audience to laugh at the top, so they’ll stick with you till the end. If you give them lots of carrot to begin with, they’ll hang round despite varying carrot size. (How was that metaphor?)
  • Big text is your friend. When crafting online content setting the game of the joke within the first 4-5 seconds of the video with text is really important, especially in a Facebook environment where now most of the video is consumed on mobile. This is because Facebook auto plays videos now with the video on mute, so regardless of whether they can hear the sound or not, audiences should be able to stick with your video. Same goes for subtitling all your video content. Basically; MOAR TEXT!
  • Engage: This is a fancy digital marketing word for “talk” if you’re putting out content, talk with your audience, make jokes with them. I love talking with the audience, more often than not they’re funnier than I am, so the comments section it’s a great place to extend the conversation, and build on the jokes. I like the idea that the game is set in the video and the audience can then play with you.
  • Feed The Trolls: If someone is ripping you or your video apart… have a crack at them in a funny way if you can, and you feel justified…why? because it’s fun.
  • Mobile First!: I almost forgot about this one… Consider your audience… and your audience is mostly consuming video on a mobile device.

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