By dan

I make videos for lefty scum (My GetUp! work)

Some of my favourite things that I’ve written, directed and performed in have been short 30-45 second sketches that I’ve produced for GetUp!, a lobby group that get’s behind progressive issues in Australia. Sure, later on in my career this may label me a crazy lefty socialist nut job, but that’s a label I’m happy to share with Hitler, Tito, and Obama.

We all just want a better world in out own little ways.

Here they are in order of my latest to earliest work.

Censordyne 2009

2008 Fuel Watch

2007 Climate Clever-er

In an election year Australian federal governments are renowned for their ad spending. Having acquired the script for an ad on a climate change campaign that the government was planning to run in the lead up to the election, I couldn’t resist taking the piss.  I created this spot with GetUp! with the intent of getting it on air during the AFL Grand Final, the biggest sporting event in Australia. GetUp! first placed it on their website two weeks before the big game, and asked their members for money to run it on TV. They raised over $150000 in a week. GetUp! not only had enough cash to run it during the Grand Final but ran it every week during Meet The Press in the lead up to the 2007 Federal election.

2006 David Hicks’ Cribs