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Guantanamo Bay prisoner on MTV’s Cribs

I wondered what it would be like if David Hicks were on MTV’s Cribs and this is what I came up with.

Writen and Performed by Dan Ilic
Additional Writing and Camera Michael O’Neil
Kick ass Music by Leonardo Esposito

Spoken by Dan Ilic
Authorised by Brett Solomon, Get Up, Sydney.

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Adventures in Nerdom

Let me take you to a land like no other. A land of pocket protectors, bit rates and blue teeth. A land where the obese and the anaemic rule in equal measure. A land whose density of nerds makes the Googleplex look like a frat house.

This land is the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Buyers and sellers of the newest, nerdiest stuff that the world has to offer converge on the city’s Convention Centre for five days of celebrated nerdom. The event is so huge that it even spills over to satellite venues like the Hilton and Venetian hotels, Burger King, Spearmint Rhino, Crazy Horse, Safire, Club Paradise and Lovely Lucy’s House of Lovely Ladies.   Read more