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That’s a wrap for A Rational Fear (for now)

Over the last three years, myself and a motley crew of comedians have created a powerhouse brand of satirical comedy. It started off as a pub show in Kings Cross; where it quickly went from being a podcast, to Sydney radio program, to a national radio program, to selling out the opera house, to raising crowd funding $50000 for a three month digital video season, to forming a partnership with the Guardian Australia, and broadcast segments on SBS.

It’s been a real joy to created and work on. Giving new and brilliant talent a platform and a voice had been the most rewarding part.

A Rational Fear will now fallow for a few months until it returns in 2015.

Here are some great moments:


A Rational Fear Pozible Report Back Video

Kids at a music festival solve big problems

Make it racist.

You’ll Fracking Love it.

A Rational Fear Live #17

Blokes Questions

laws that don’t apply to Beragaroo:

By dan

A Rational Fear on Radio National

Someone at ABC Radio will probably lose their job for this… but A Rational Fear is moving to RN for a limited season!

From humble beginnings as a live to air comedy radio program on FBi, A Rational Fear caught the ear of ABC’s Radio National and will be recording every thursday night in June in front of a live audience at Sydney’s Laugh Garage.

Normally we bang out a show filled with a particular style of bullshit once a month, but since this is an election year I’m fairly confident we can deliver the high levels of bullshit each week. We can be serious too, we’ve covered organ donation, climate change and even what it’s like to be a mexican drug lord in Sydney

Joining Me on stage each week will be Chris Taylor (The Chaser) and Lewis Hobba (Hungry Beast/Triple J) as well as a mix of Sydney’s sharpest minds including Tom Ballad (Triple J) HG Nelson (Roy and HG), Heath Franklin (Ronnie Johns’ Chopper), Veronica Milsom (Mad As Hell), Josh Lawson, (Anchor Man 2), Chas Licciardello (The Chaser) Alice Fraser (Nerd Nite) Jazz Twemlow (The Roast), Cameron James (Late Nite Zoo) Scott Abbott (The Checkout) Michelle Lim (Mayor Of Easy Street) Nina Oyama (Erotic Fan Fiction).

A Rational Fear is a tightly packed format held together by the slick musical stylings of DJ Tom Loud, with a combination of sketch, standup, and interviews. Past special guests have included Kamahl, Tim Flannery, Chris Taylor, Mark Colvin, Guido Hatzis, The Bondi Hipsters, Wil Anderson and Leila McKinnon.

A Rational Fear will be on stage every Thursday night in June at Sydney’s Laugh Garage, tickets are $20 on the door. (Doors open at 7pm, 8pm show)

OR BOOK HERE: http://arationalfear2.eventbrite.com/

That’s a wrap for A Rational Fear (for now)
A Rational Fear on Radio National