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There’s been a lot of re-tweeting today of this article from mUmBRELLA which shows how Channel Nine ripped off a promo idea from the Discovery Channel.

What’s surprising is that people haven’t noticed earlier. Marc Fennell and I pointed out the lack of originality in Nine’s promo department back in 2009, when we performed Massage My Medium at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Australian readers will recognise the “Still The One” reference in the title. After all Channel Nine was for many years the number one network, and they used that now famous song “Still The One” to sell the network for about 25 years

But not before ABC America first used it 33 years ago, in 1977.

And as David Knox over at TV Tonight pointed out early last year, this promo for Underbelly in 2009….

Looks awfully like a promo for Battle Star Galactica from  2005

There are some things in promo land that are quite challenging to sell, like making sport interesting, namely NFL, a game  that can last 4-5 hours…FOX manages to get the blood the pumping, with this manic motion graphics spot for the 2008 Superbowl.

And Nine almost does a shot for shot homage to it for Twenty20, albeit using a famous DJ who once compiled a mix CD of fully sick house tunes in the late 90’s. Now i’m interested in your bat and ball game.. tell me more!

Nine even took a leaf (and a branch, and root structure) out of Michael Buble’s Spiderman video to re-invent their brand with no balls in 2006….

While we’re bagging out Channel Nine, they aren’t the only network to rip off ideas from overseas. Network Ten are renowned for their originality in the promo’s department…however…here’s a Channel Ten news promo from Philadelphia circa 1982.

And here’s Australia’s Network Ten promo for the National Early Morning News with Ron Wilson.


And before you leave comments like “Dan are you just rehashing content from your 2009 comedy festival show? Doesn’t that just make you as bad as Channel Nine’s promo department?”.

The answer is… yes.

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  • Brendan
    10:23 PM - 9 June, 2010

    I dunno, it’s a bit of stretch….
    Like anyone at Channel 9 ever watched anything to do with Battlestar Galactica.

  • belinda
    10:45 PM - 9 June, 2010

    Channel 9 suck! Shameful repeated self promotion/cross promotion makes me sick!

  • dan
    10:49 PM - 9 June, 2010

    wow…@belinda… you’re really upset? why? It’s a comercial network it’s what they do?

  • kris
    11:28 PM - 9 June, 2010

    I think one of my favs still has to be this one..


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  • Zang
    12:14 AM - 10 June, 2010

    Why not pick up where the Chaser left off with their Current Affairs programs that are mere gossip masquerading as journalism?

  • Sally mungo
    Sally mungo
    2:10 AM - 10 June, 2010

    Honestly, what an utter load of bollocks … including comments. Plagiarism exists (and always has done, since time began) in music, art, fashion, movies, TV, books, bars, everything. Why are you writing about this!? It’s pathetic and boring and pointless. What’s your point? So what, who cares. Write something new and interesting and unique and clever. Stop writing this utter (plaguarised) twaddle. Honestly.

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  • Andrew
    4:52 AM - 10 June, 2010

    To be fair, Nine probably paid ABC in America a huge chunk of money for the licencing rights to “Still The One” so I’m not sure it counts as plagiarism when they pay for it?

    As for the others, well…

  • amanda
    8:48 AM - 10 June, 2010

    guys! that last one had me rofl-ing! classic!

  • Dave
    10:18 AM - 10 June, 2010

    Wonderful article letting everyone know what many have realized for years. The only speedbump was 1997 listed as the date for the Battlestar Galactica promo. As any nerd will tell you, the mini series debuted in 2003, with the series following that in 2004. Sorry, I can’t keep the nerd in me quiet…..

  • Matt
    7:33 PM - 10 June, 2010

    I don’t think this is a huge deal. Take TV promos that have had little to no exposure in Australia: and recreate them.

    This happens all the time in radio/TV. Consumers are none the wiser- and if its a good idea- why not?

  • Mel
    8:03 PM - 10 June, 2010
  • John B
    John B
    10:34 PM - 10 June, 2010

    Those people saying that plaguarism is acceptable, not a big deal, and that everyone is doing it – obviously they do not work in a creative industry and they have no idea. This form of blatant copying is only done by the least talented individuals. Anyone with any self-respect, pride in their job, or brain cells would not stoop so low.

    It is a relevant topic and Dan can write whatever the hell he wants on his blog!

  • Amee
    8:26 PM - 27 July, 2010

    I have to also note the fact that until the departure of Rosco, Channel Seven was using “Trust The Experience” I actually worked for the man that came up with this tagline… As soon as Rosco was gone Nine came out with a billboard featuring Peter Overton with the tagline “Trust The Eperience”. They didn’t even try to hide the fact that they were just stealing it…

    They should be embarrassed… I can’t even watch them.

    *Amee steps off soapbox*

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