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By dan

James Pender (Ronnie Johns) and I wrote and directed a little film over summer called Y2GAY. The gate keepers over at Tropfest have deemed it good enough to sit in their final 16. It stars the very excellent, very funny and talented Kate Worsley, Dave McLaughlin, and Nick Mattick (Smart Casual).

So James, Peter Slee and I would love it if you would join us in a semi-designated Y2GAY area on the night.
So that together  we may almost be blow away by the most expensive, and undoubtably least impressive film on the night. This will be a moment to tell your grand kids  “sure it looked great.. but the script?” or simply enquire with the person next you “was that  it?”.
We will be in the Domain from around 2pm next Sunday 20th of February with this Y2GAY sign. Look out for it, and join us in what will be a celebration of champange tropfest sketch comedy.

Peter Slee (producer) Dan Ilic, and James Pender (Writer/directors)

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